How to Do a Low Carb Diet Cheaply
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How to Do a Low Carb Diet Cheaply

How to eat cheap on a low carb diet.

Many people think that following a low carb diet or lifestyle is expensive. While it is true that many foods on a low carb diet such as Atkins or South Beach can be pricey, there are certain low carb, high protein foods that are relatively cheap. In this economy of high unemployment rates, underemployment and everything in between, you can still follow the low carb lifestyle and not break the bank.

The following is a list of low-carb foods that are inexpensive:


Eggs are cheap and are often on sale. Stock up and you can enjoy a variety of egg dishes.

Cream Cheese

I find no difference in taste between the generic and brand name versions of cream cheese. Cream cheese can be used on jalepenos, celery, is often used in many low carb recipes and can even be used on crackers if you watch the carb counts.

Iceburg Lettuce

Salads are a great way to get your vegetables while on a low carb diet. Iceburg lettuce is very low in carbohydrates and is usually less than a dollar a head.

Chicken Thigh Quarters

Chicken Thigh Quarters are generally much less than chicken breasts. This is because thigh quarters are not as desired, therefore stores much put them on sale in order to sell them. I have seen chicken leg quarters on sale for 69 cents a pound or even less.


Celery is a low carb vegetable and can be used in soups, salads, or eaten with cream cheese for a snack. It is also inexpensive.

Green Peppers

Where I live green peppers are less costly than other types of peppers. You can stuff them, eat them with cream cheese, mix it in salads, or use as a filler in other recipes. I often see green peppers on sale for 33 cents where I am, but prices can be different in your state and whether they are in season or not.


A low carb food that is often overlooked. Cabbage by itself might not be your favorite food, but can be mixed with beef to make a low carb casserole or you can even look up recipes for low carb coleslaw. I recently saw it on sale for 39 cents.


Canned soup contains an incredible amount of carbs, but did you know that broth bought in a box contains zero carbs? Just heat for a few mintues on the stove, add the ingredients, and enjoy! I bought a generous sized box of broth recently for less than a dollar. Beef and chicken are available at stores.


Avoid the processed and packaged seeds. Instead, buy them in bulk and do the de-seeding yourself. Flax seed is very cheap as is sunflower seeds. These foods are usually filled with fiber and you can easily mix in your other foods or eat alone as a snack.

Meat is going to be the most expensive part of low carbing, however, if you know how to look for the cheaper cuts, then you will save a lot of money. Also consider starting a garden and growing your own vegetables. There are kits called Earth Boxes that are not expensive and that do all the watering for you, making it virtually impossible to kill what you grow. The vegetables you grow means less at the grocery store. You could even sell excess vegetables and make yourself a nice little profit!

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